Registered in 1986, Greha is a not for profit society which has concentrated on the growth of knowledge in the field of environmental development, habitat design and architecture.

Functioning as a “college for professionals”, Greha defined the following aims and objectives for the Society.

  1. To establish and run schools/colleges to impart Architectural education in India in accordance with the standards laid down by the Council of Architecture. 
  2. To establish and maintain centres for research in the field of Design, Architecture, Environmental planning and Technology. 
  3. To set up Libraries or Museums and collect Books, Publications, Literatures, Models, Designs, Drawings and other information relevant to the advancement of the Science and Technology. 
  4. To print and publish Books, Journals, Paper and such other material to help disseminate knowledge and impart education. 
  5. To organise and conduct conferences, seminars, lectures, tours, demonstrations, exhibitions and such other programmes like continuing education of professionals as may be necessary to impart knowledge. 
  6. To cooperate and collaborate with other similar institutions, who carry on work or activities falling within all or any of the objects of the Society or any matter allied or connected thereto.