The houses on 39th street in Manhattan Beach were once painted a neutral palette of tans, whites and grays, complemented by the adventurous splash of light yellow or blue. But not now: One of the homes is sporting a bright paint job decorated with two giant emojis.

Neighbors say it’s retribution in a property dispute that has turned into a battle with the city.

Frustrated homeowners and renters from the El Porto neighborhood raised their concerns at a City Council meeting Tuesday night. The meeting marked the latest chapter in a saga that began in May when neighbors reported the home’s owner, Kathryn Kidd, to the city for using the property for short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, which is illegal in Manhattan Beach. After Kidd was fined for violating the city’s rental laws, the property was painted bubble-gum pink with yellow emojis, as first reported by Easy Reader News .


The paint job appeared shortly after Kidd was found in violation of the city’s rental laws and was fined $4,000. Kidd told Easy Reader News that the emojis were not intended to mock Wieland and that although people were entitled to their opinions, she was not in violation of any laws.

“I’m trying not to offend anybody,” Kidd said. “I did it for the purpose of being happy, being positive, and I think it’s cute and quirky and kind of funny, and certainly was a time for the emoji.”