Blacklisted institutes will be forced to shut shop within a year

Sources have told Moneycontrol that a fresh list of institutions will be prepared. Efforts will be taken to minimise the impact on students.

Here, the Higher Education Grants Council (HEGC) would be responsible for this process.

"Students will be informed in advance to ensure that they are able to secure admission in other accredited institutions. A penalty structure is also being worked upon, to be imposed on such institutes running without the requisite permissions,"1 said a senior official.

Once UGC and AICTE are merged, new bodies, the HEGC and the Professional Standard Setting Bodies (PSSBs), will be set up.


At least 30 percent of the unapproved instituted also have "tie-ups" with international universities to offer dual degrees. This is usually a ploy to attract students. In reality, either the partnerships are non-existent, or the global institutes themselves are fake.

Allegations of any such institute used as a vehicle of money laundering will also be probed.


  • 1. Once the final list is brought out, these illegal institutes would be given an eight to 10-month deadline to shut shop. They can also re-file an application to seek approval, provided that they have the necessary financial strength, faculty and infrastructure in place.